Sonskyn Photo Album

Sunday, August 15, 2004

Big Braai Recovery (Dingle)

Claire, Kyle, Janay and I Claire, Kyle, Janay and I
The Irish Famine ship
"Jeanie Johnston"
Jeanie Johnston
Kyle Mr Grumpy
reading the Observer
Claire & Janay
window shopping
Dingle Dingle
Donnie, Claire, Janay & Kyle Take 2
Inch beach Janay on Inch
Janay (Banna Beach) Banna Beach
Banna Beach  

Saturday, August 14, 2004

The Big Braai

The home made Braai Janay & Claire
The Queen of the Castle fight
Janay & Claire Chief Technical Braaier
Kyle & Janay Testing the wind direction
Mark & I The Kavaliers
Brendan & Friends Joanne & Aussies
Mike & Dan Brian & Dave
Eileen's friends Brendan & friend
Mary & Mary B Cool and the Gang
Shirley Siobhan and Kyle
Eileen and Paul

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Funky Barcelona

Arch de Triumph


The Cathedral

The Olympic Stadium

The Palace

Salvador Dali Museum

The Beach & Skyscrapers

Mark, Myself and the Beach

 The funky fish design

La Rambles

The plane and the Arch de Triumph


The view from our balcony
look out on the La Rambles

Communication Tower & Olympic Stadium

Salvador Dali

The Cathedral


Jack Black and the Yoga club

The view from our balcony over the La Rambles